Am I able to book my dog in for adhoc or holiday cover walking?
Are you insured?
Can I book in a one-off training session with Citizen Canine?
Can I cancel my walking booking?
Can I change or upgrade my dog walking package later?
Can I customise the dog walking package to fit my specific needs?
Can anyone sign up to a workshop?
Can my dog be collected and dropped off after their groom?
Can my dog be groomed if he/she has allergies?
Can you groom my dog if they have an injury?
Do I need an introductory consultation?
Do you accept all breeds?
Do you cover dog sitting at weddings or special events?
Do you offer services on weekends and bank holidays?
Do you walk dogs off-lead?
Do you walk females who are in season?
Does Citizen Canine give dog's treats as a reward?
Does it cost money to become a partner?
Does my dog need to be trained before I can book in for a walk?
Does the walking price include pick-up and drop-off?
How can I become a partner of Citizen Canine?
How do I book with Citizen Canine?
How do I choose the right dog walking package for my dog?
How do I know if I need a Behaviour Consultation or a training session?
How do I make payment?
How do I sign up to a walking package?
How do I use the app?
How do you transport the dogs when using your pet taxi service?
How do you transport the dogs?
How does a dog walking package work?
How does the partnership work?
How does the pet taxi work?
How long is your drop-in service?
How many dogs will my dog be walked with?
How much will my dog cost to groom?
If my dog is nervous can I book in for a groom?
Is there a limit on the number of partners you take on?
Is there a walk and groom service?
Is water provided to my dog on their walk?
What are the benefits of a partnership?
What areas do Citizen Canine cover for dog walking?
What happens if I go on holiday or my dog is unwell, can I put my package on pause?
What happens if my dog doesn't get on with another dog?
What happens if my dog is really matted?
What happens if there is an emergency?
What happens if you find fleas or a tick on my dog?
What if I need dog walking services during my holiday?
What if my dog doesn't get on with another dog?
What if my dog get's muddy?
What is a pre-puppy visit?
What is included in the Puppy Package?
What is involved in your meet and greet?
What is the best way to contact the Citizen Canine team?
What is the process of signing up?
What should I expect when I book a Behaviour Consultation?
What time will my dog be collected and returned home?
What training methods will be used?
Where can I find my invoices?
Where is the Citizen Canine training ground?
Where will my dog be groomed?
Who will groom my dog?
Who will my dog be walked by?
Will Citizen Canine train my dog whilst out walking?
Will my dog be walked for the full allocated time?
Will toys be used on group walks?
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